1. * * year valentine's day (Spring Festival) flowers scheduled began

2. Christmas promotion miss you every day eight fold

(3) is greater than a car of flower basket

* * * * square, saw a car than a few frame will be big big flower basket. The citizens have to onlookers, already very late, but people are not in an endless stream.

4. 2.14 valentine's day flowers scheduled warm prompt

1, flowers market during the festival will appear demand peak! For the performance of the flower market supply and demand imbalance, the flower prices remain high, flower consumption sharply increase trend! Because valentine's day period in supply and demand imbalance, and all are needed and flowers from kunming to air,possible to order

2, valentine's day of distribution, we according to the years of distribution experience will guarantee the flowers to each receiving flowers hands, please order the customer must as far as possible the flowers are the detailed contact information and detailed address, such as the orderer not sure address receiving flowers, in the order process, please make the instructions so that we can arrange. If because of the special circumstances need timing service customers, we will charge the corresponding time cost, please contact customer service personnel in advance so that we can make a good arrangement other distribution.